10 years younger dating

08-Jul-2015 07:50

Further investigation revealed that my co-worker was right on. You can deny it if you want, but that is usually(there's your loophole)the way it is. I had a friend, who while born in the US, was from a very traditional Filipino family. His father married a woman 11 years older than he is. He really did not "qualify" for a high-maintenance, pretty young wummun, either.his dry sense of humor kills you, and dang those eyes! He's got master energy when it comes to plumbing and repairs. Where this has been a problem is when she signed up for Social Security. (the higher wage earner) is 62 (in 2017) before she can receive a higher amount based on his S.

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I googled "dating a man eleven years younger" and the threads are hilarious! Apparently the chemistry in the bedroom is the best they've ever had. I have a feeling that what I've I've read is going to be true in our case, too. (He's a plumber and worked in construction before that.) I love cooking and baking, and he loves to eat. Anyway, after I'd lived here a couple years, I'd noticed quite a few marriage licenses betwwen younger guys/older wimmin. Driving a junker, living in an apartment & being broke all the time, did not cut it. He's got master energy when it comes to plumbing and repairs. They even published who bought a new car, in that smalllll village! He said the attraction was: The wummun usually had equity in a decent house(via a prior marriage), and a nice car(via a steady job), and the studly guy, burdened with back child support and a bad credit history due to unstable employment, needed to raise his standard of living & have a little security.

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