10th grader dating 8th grader

30-Mar-2016 07:31

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Because South Caroline has a kindergarten cutoff date of 9/01, if he is presently a 14 year old 8th grader, the only freshmen that should be the same age as him are either: -freshmen in states with an October 1st or later cutoff date in the event that he had a birthday in September-freshmen who started kindergarten early-freshmen who skipped a grade Once again, it is NORMAL for a high schooler to be 18 during his or her senior year.

An Aussie 14yo (14 1/2 at the most, born 2000) ran 15.33 in June this year for 5km on a track. The winner's age isn't stated but I can tell you he's a 2000 birthday. To run that fast at that age means you are working too hard-likely with aggressive intervals. I live in the upper state of SC so I can't say how fast this course is but I do know that it has to be as flat as a pancake as that is how the lower state is. Make a HUGE difference here.2) He has run the 1600 in , so he's definitely legit.3) USUALLY an 8th grade kid who runs so fast does so because he trains a lot (gotta have talent too, but there are talented 8th graders who just haven't trained that much yet).4) I have seen WAY too many fast 8th graders (both boys and girls) who then either don't improve much or actually get slower in high school to be geeked about how fast they are at that age. After finishing his middle school XC season he joined the high school varsity team.

Good for him, and he's certainly someone to keep an eye on, but USUALLY the kid who drops a ton of time from freshman year to sophomore year is the one who ends up better.5) Finally, I know some 8th graders get to run in high school meets (and I don't know why), but that for sure gives any who do that an advantage of those who don't. Traveled to Jesse Owens for his first meet in which he ran .

This is the same kid that was running 1600's this past spring as a 13 year-old. I'm not sure if it is a certified 5K course, but it's in the flat-coastal area of SC(definitely no down-hills). He can also run in the 800.duncnasty wrote: This is the same kid that was running 1600's this past spring as a 13 year-old.

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I was wondering if there are any other 8th graders in the nation that are running this fast. the fastest. What big hs boys race has 6 of the top 15 in 9th grade or less? We'll see how the SC state meet goes next Saturday. Almost guarantee they will be burnt out or otherwise screwed up by the end of high school. But nonetheless, placement is what matters in cross the most anyway. I ran against him twice last year - in the 3A Upper State Qualifer 1600m and then the following week at the 3A SC state. I was wondering if there are any other 8th graders in the nation that are running this fast. things (just facts, but some of you will see some of them as positive and some as negative).1) If the kid was 13 in the spring of his 7th grade year, then he's among the older in his grade meaning that there are current freshmen who are about his same age. Carter Cheeseman (8th grader) is one to look out for as well.

Owens is legit though, track times were crazy for a 7th grader.

Later on he competed at the conference meet on a little slower course, muddy conditions and ran .

This past weekend at the Tennessee State meet he finished 5th.

Also has PRs of in the 2mile and in the mile.duncnasty wrote: This is the same kid that was running 1600's this past spring as a 13 year-old.

The kid ran yesterday in some semi-harsh weather I believe.

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