2014 chatting members friend dating in indonesia

12-Oct-2016 00:41

Dewi was initially surprised when I suggested this because it seemed so soon. There is a limit to how much time one has to spend every evening emailing or chatting to each contact.

So, actually i miss with "old Global" chat, communicate with other country member and get some new friend from other country.

This what make COC is intresting with Global Players.

No, not like that i like the local global but still, without foreigners speaking pinoy here !

Well, maybe this update have good side is to eliminate some local language that not understand by other player, but Erasing a true Global Chat is not good solution.

With that reasons, i have an Idea to recreate the true "Global Chat". (Optional) Add new rule system who cant write/read at Global Chat or even at local chat, for example Banned system for whose had recive 5 or more "report", so he/she can't write more for 3 days Limitation System, for example 5 chat @ 1 hours or 20 chats @ 1 day, etc Banned system is good for filtering chat from Flammy, angry chat, and "alien Language". In the old days of me clashing it's fun to talk with strangers (mostly english talking and pinoy) and i think it makes the global truly feels global ! It doesnt really have 'that' global feeling Okay, i'm an Indonesian clasher.

Thousands of couples have started relationships and many more Christians have found friendship and community through our dating events, meetups and message boards.

On Indonesian Cupid we find us 3 month ago and we start to chat each day.

And two weeks ago we have to meet us in real and this was the best 2 weeks of my life.

The result of the meeting is that we get engaged now and want to married next year. “You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love: the running across fields into your lovers arms can only come later when you’re sure they won’t laugh if you trip.” Our trust and understanding built up quite quickly and I knew she would never be the one to laugh AT me, only WITH me.

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