3d coat psd texture auto updating

05-Jun-2016 20:01

Hi all, I've been doing some scripting this weekend and came up with the implementation of a 3D Coat App Link.

It has all the basic functionality like export to Paint-Room, UV Mapping, Voxel Sculping with the following limitations: - (has been resolved with update v1.1) Automatic texture import is not working due to Cheetah 3D API bug (I think this is due to the new node system - once this is resolved from Martin, I will add it).

Create and alias to 3and copy it to /Users/Your User/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Tool 4.

Launch Cheetah3D and select menu option Tools Hi Ron i test your Uplink Script for the first shot it works but has some limitations like every time i reimport from 3dc. I hope you get Textures working and Voxel export isn't working i get a empty Scene in 3dc at this small test time i get only working to transfer a model to paint and one time back if i export again i get a new model in 3dc and reimport a new one in c3d.

You will have to specifiy the 3D Coat exchange folder location during the initial execution of the plugin. ------------------- Update v1.1 - Improved material import/export - Automatic import of textures / materials through workaround solution using native Cheetah3D materials (.c3dmat) - Direct export from 3D-Coat to Cheetah3D (if you don't want Cheetah3D to be automatically launched on export from 3D-Coat, just set the C3D application path to something invalid during configuration) - Configuration walkthrough added (automatically run during initial execution of the plugin and manually through toolbar button) - Import scale parameter added (export scale can be modified through export options within Cheetah, OBJ import is done via script and has therefore be set via this parameter option).

Demonstration videos: Configuration Material/Texture Import/Export 3DC Direct Export - 3D-Coat App Link v1.1 - Installation Notes 1.

This means you will have to manually assign diffuse, specular, bump maps.

Delete the old 3DCApp file from the Cheetah3D script folder 2.Unzip 3D-Coat-App to directory /Users/Your User/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/3D-Coat 3.- (has been resolved with update v1.1) Dropping objects directly from 3D Coat to Cheetah is not implemented as of now, although the code for the creation of the necessary files / directory structure is mostly done but commented out.3D Coat export file menu option would not appear on my system - I think I will have to further look into this later on.

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- On reimport to Cheetah, only merge operation will be performed as there is no API for deleting meshes / materials from a scene. Special thanks to Hiroto for his permission to use most parts of his OBJ importer.

Let me know if you find any bugs so that I can sort it out - at the end it was done this weekend only, so don't expect too much of testing from my end You can find a demonstration video on You Tube The installation is performed by dropping the script into Cheetah's scripts/tool folder and launch it as shown in the video. Without his work this plugin would not be possible.

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