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22-Jul-2016 00:47

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who is frankie from the saturdays dating

Best of all – you should be able to read through it in 5 minutes or less Ready to break through all the industry jargon and start building your business online? If you were to go into a bar with the sole purpose of finding a worthy mate, you’d probably have a list of criteria for your future spouse.You’d chat a person up, hoping to learn more about those super important qualities you covet. They evaluate a website, trying to determine if it is really what the searcher is looking for.You’ll be relieved to hear SEO doesn’t involve the messy, embarrassing rejection of the dating world. If a search engine is going to give you the coveted number one spot, you had better help them meet the searcher’s needs.You had better provide the content they are looking for. In general, a search engine “reads” your website in a similar way visitors do.While you might pick a date based on height and hair color, search engines bypass superficial things like the site’s design. First, search engines care about what’s on the inside (and you should too! Second, they know a great indicator of worth is the quality of friends and the opinions of others.While there might not actually be romance involved, we could say that good SEO works by making a site more attractive, appealing and desirable to a search engine. Search engines are like any other business—they put their clients’ needs above anything else. And what their searchers want are high quality websites that answer the questions they have.Most SEO guides are long and filled with tech jargon, but I’m betting you don’t have much time for either.That’s why I’ve put together a quickstart, no-nonense guide to SEO, all written in plain English.

If it is easy for a visitor to understand what your site is about, the search engine will be able to tell too.

Here are the things that make a website easier for everyone to understand and thereby improving your SEO.