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But he rebounded and did get picked by one of the other ladies, so all was not lost.

I believe "Studs" only lasted about three seasons, but I would love to know if it is available on DVD.

These statements were edited to imply sexual innuendo that would get the audience roaring in anticipation (although there were one or two instances when the man and woman did take things to an intimate level.)But one memorable episode had one young woman complaining that her date only spent six dollars on their date.

She went on and on for about two minutes talking about her date being so cheap that she left with another guy. I bet that guy wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there.

The women make statements before the show and the guys have to guess which woman said which statement.

A correct guess wins the guy a heart, and the most hearts gets the guy closer to a dream getaway of his choice with the woman of his choice (provided she picks him to be her date, of course.) The gimmick of this show was some of the statements pre-recorded by the women before the show.

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Before Jon Hamm became dapper Don Draper (who happened to rock an epic beard at last year's Emmys), he was just a lowly dating show contestant in search of his other half.While appearing on the dating game show poster stars (here's looking at you, Devon Sawa) and skater boys alike.