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01-Sep-2015 01:17

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Not even the Manti Te'o incident generated this much speculation amongst my friends, acquaintances and drunk revelers.

But while it's important to afford celebrities a truly private life, the state of homophobia in sports today - coupled with the LGBT teen suicide rate - makes it imperative that every gay athlete at the very top let the world know who they are.You know what's even more important than all of that?The athlete needs to be ready to come out when he chooses to take the plunge.The worst possible scenario is an athlete being outed before he's ready. From a career slump, to teammates and team management being caught off guard, to overwhelming emotional turmoil, outing someone can have catastrophic consequences.

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Even as we got flooded with questions about the issue this week - and head-scratching as to why we weren't touching it - we kept quiet until Rodgers addressed the speculation himself. I think it's terribly selfish for any athlete who's reached the pinnacle of his career to stay in the closet.The reason was simple: It was the right thing to do. Guys struggling to make rosters have warranted concerns about rocking the boat in any way, let alone coming out publicly.