Absolute and relative dating methods in prehistory

14-May-2015 02:33

Matthes), which however are generic attributions, in how much the lower Paleolithic is immense.

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The art of the lower Paleolithic is constituted from anthropomorphic and zoomorphic lithic sculpture, and the findings of beyond 170 years of searches have a similar typology in every researcher, but what is changed in the time, are the cultural attributions and the interpretations, that is the use of the sculptures by the men which have produced them.In the first half of 19th century Boucher de Perthes attributed this art to the antediluvian man, and today we know that, instead, at least the better part must be attributed to the lower Paleolithic.In the sciences the errors are corrected when they are discovered, in how much are opinions, which come replaced from other opinions.The lacked income the art of the lower and middle Paleolithic in official science, goes back ago to 150 years, and has not been a simple error, but a most serious scientific damage, that I will often return to analyze.

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In these baroque theatres the skeletons dance making to feel the continuous tinkling of their boneses, blinking between their hands stone tools, in order to exalt the force of the material culture; while the art, outside from the theatre, listens to these terrifying noises; she is sad, she cries, and hopes in the adoption of teatral programs more interesting to which participating.

The art perfectly knows not to enjoy protections from the high, but also knows of being able to recite new and more interesting roles of the others two illustrious actors ".