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Be confident, unpredictable, flirty, fun, intellectual stimulating and play hard to get and you just might keep that Gemini man interested for awhile... Honestly there are many more compatible signs for a Leo than Gemini girls so run away and find someone else if possible. One day or week they are your best friend, then out of the blue, their moody, and throw nasty words your way.Turns out the woman he was dating had been fooling around with his friend and he decided to move in with a friend out of state to get over it.I did not see him again for several months, but then made contact through a mutual friend. I am a Leo and I was seeing a Gemini for about 9 months. He was very wishy washy and could not make up his mind. He loved to pursue me and as soon as I became sweet to him he wandered.He was never bored with me and he was always stimulated either intellectually or sexually.I know I was the hottest he ever had - he wasn't the hottest for me, but he was lively and on the freaky side sometimes which was interesting and fun.We met at a bookstore and our boss quickly realized that we were the perfect compliment to one another. and decided he would love to be able to work near THAT...

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He had been dating someone else at the time, so nothing came of it, but there was also something there simmering below the surface.

He quit the job suddenly and left town with no forwarding address one day.