Accommodating hearing impairedd classroom eyetv tv guide not updating

19-Feb-2016 04:25

The plan usually consists of a combination of specialized services, such as a sign language interpreter, and other accommodations for hearing-impaired students in the classroom.

Often,the accommodations include some type of assistive technology.

An increasing number of these devices can also tie directly into a person’s hearing aid via Bluetooth so there is no need for other equipment.

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This team most often consists of one or both of the parents of the hard-of-hearing child, a school administrator or special education program representative, one of the child’s regular teachers, and someone who can interpret the implications of the child’s evaluations, such as the school psychologist.

Putting the Plan in Motion Once the IEP process is completed, then the school begins to implement the agreed-upon plan to help the child with hearing loss in the classroom.