Accommodating negotiation who should make the first move in online dating

21-Jun-2015 02:31

Those who use a competing negotiation style are often assertive and unwilling to cooperate.They place their needs above the needs of others and try to manipulate the situation in their favor.They are usually more concerned with winning the fight than finding the best solution.Individuals who use an accommodating negotiation style tend to be passive as they seek cooperation.From home to work and everywhere in between, there is always the potential for conflict.The ways of responding to these tense and stressful situations can make or break relationships.Collaborators seek a solution that satisfies all concerns while taking a leadership role in the conflict resolution.Avoiding is a style in which neither assertiveness nor cooperation takes place.

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They often neglect their needs and wants to make sure others get their way.Those who accommodate tend to be submissive, selfless and afraid of conflict.

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