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10-Jun-2015 07:51

the midwife gives you a due date from your last period date however a date scan is more accurate as they measure the size of the baby but can be a week or so out thats why people go overdue by 10 days, hope this helps as im not a specialist xx Hi Vicky Are you worried about a dating scan you have had or are due to have Vicky? I am pretty sure ill only be 8 weeks pregnant with the date i have been given. I was given a date, but had to have an internal scan.Generally scans are very accurate, but they are not 100% perfect, so there is always a small margin for error (generally up to about a week, but this varies). It turned out to be very accurate as my daughter was born 9 hours after that date! I had a scan at 6 weeks (was on honeymoon at the time and fainted in Turkey) the date they gave me was 19th lo was born 20th however my 12week scan due date was 14th !Also the scan for Downs Syndrome can be performed between 11 weeks +3 days and 13 weeks + 6 days.If you wanted this test and your appointment is too early for this, you'll simply be offered another scan date to have this performed. I think you can go ahead and have your scan as the midwife you saw at your booking will have suggested these dates for a reason. Should i see if i could maybe change it for 12 weeks? Thanks I had a scan at 6 weeks-I thought I might be more pregnant but had not had periods for years.x Also went for one at 8-9 weeks and they had to resend for me as was too early for one of the tests !I then you are too early you can have another one if necessary.If traveling to the hospital is a problem and you don't want the inconvenience then you could ring your midwife to discuss it with her again.

I went in for a follow-up today and they are saying my due date is now June 24. We were not trying to get pregnant and had unprotected sex only once that month, and I know within a day or two when that happened.

On the plus side I have a wicked collection of scan photos I cried at everyone and a great story to tell Thomas where we were the first time that we saw him !!! Dating scans are pretty accurate - so you will learn from that how far you are.

x Best of luck and take tissues lol I had scans at EPAC at 6 and 8 weeks with this pregnancy, and when I asked the doctor afterwards when I'd be due she gave me a 'rough date' and told me they'd almost definitely change it at 12weeks because at 6 and 8 weeks it's too early and small to measure probably which is why they do it later. The scan at 12 weeks is to check over your babies development so far, and to confirm the number of babies in your tummy!

When I went in for an almost 20 week ultrasound, I measured 2 weeks behind.

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