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To learn more about the barriers faced, read our July 2010 article "Re-enrolling Stop-Outs: Overcoming the Barriers." Institutional stop-out programs offer the support, counseling, and logistical fixes that help these students return to school and complete their degrees.Join us online on January 12, 2012 to learn the key components of successful stop-out programs and review two institutional case studies.Besides stop-outs, Barzacchini advises also mining your database for prior inquiries and prior applicants.Find out who has shown interest in your institution in the past but may not have received the follow-up needed at the time.An audit of your records can tell you which past students stopped a few classes shy of a degree.Many of these students may not even realize how close they would be to completing if they were to re-enroll.

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Beyond mining your data, rethinking the way your website reaches out to adults can be key to generating more leads from this demographic.Traditional university websites often leave adults bewildered and unable to locate easily the information they want most: where and how to complete an application, what programs of interest are available, what financial aid may be available, and what the experience of other adults has been like at the institution.