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The purpose of the Roundup lessons is to bring students to the stage where they can use the correct form and natural expressions in conversation.All Roundup classes are digital, with the exception of the advanced level discussion class.Dialogue practice in pairs or small groups is the main activity in these lessons.Whereas Roundup lessons focus on particular grammatical or structural weaknesses the students may have, Group lessons focus on functional aspects of the English language.Since the lessons are tailored to each student, they can learn at their own pace.Due to the personalization of these lessons, the student’s progress is rapid.At AEON, adult students are placed in classes according to their speaking ability.

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Once these needs are determined, the teacher and the student design a lesson plan to achieve the student’s specific goal.

AEON offers preparation courses for English proficiency examinations, such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, and STEP.