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Amanda was moving into her own apartment on June 21, 2013 in downtown Chicago.She enlisted the support of her friend and brotherly figure, Jack Bott.However, it took another long, holiday weekend in Minocqua for Josh and Amanda to realize that they were serious about each other and wanted to start dating exclusively.After a lovely Labor Day filled with boating, dancing, going out to eat and enjoying each others company, Amanda and Josh parted ways yet again.Much to her surprise, Jack told Amanda that he had a "good friend from Iowa who would be visiting on June 21st and that he too would be happy to help move her stuff".Well, moving day came along and Amanda was hot and bothered, but she had the help of her friends Margot, Tonya, and Jack Bott as well as her trusty parents, Kirby and Anne.Josh would be leaving for a ten-day camping retreat with his dad, James, in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and would not be able to call or text during this time.Amanda was not the only one who immediately found Joshua intriguing, kind and helpful.

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About an hour into the moving process, Joshua Ryan Evridge came walking up Wayne Street wearing his grey Rogue t-shirt and athletic shorts. Soon after his arrival, she ran up the stairs into Margot's bedroom and said, "Oh my gosh!I did not know that Jack's friend was going to be hot"!Amanda's mother decided it would be "fun" to take a group photo of the "movers", but she would later admit she wanted to get the picture so she would have an excuse to grab Josh's phone number!Yes, Amanda's mother actually received Josh's number before Amanda! Amanda was smitten, but it would take a 4th of July trip to Minocqua, Wisconsin for Josh and Amanda to spend more time together.

Over this holiday weekend, Amanda and Josh's fondness for one another grew, and they began texting and flirting nonstop.The long holiday came and went, and Amanda and Josh continued texting and playfully flirting over the next couple of months.