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Sex discrimination that is not sexual misconduct is addressed by Policy 3-43, Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment.Title IX protects students, employees and third parties with a relationship to the College, whether on or off campus.This includes: Please see Policy 3-44, Sexual Misconduct for the College’s definitions of stalking; domestic, dating and intimate partner violence and types of sexual assault.Ohio does not have a legal definition for dating violence, sexual assault or consent.

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You may access legal definitions for the following in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC): Sex offenses Stalking Domestic Violence What is sexual misconduct?Sexual misconduct can occur between persons of the same or different sex. Not every type of sex discrimination is sexual misconduct.Each case is evaluated by Equity and Compliance on an individual basis.

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This includes each party’s options and resources as well as the College’s legal responsibilities. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance.

"Education programs and activities" include all of a school's operations, including employment and school-sponsored athletics and activities (on or off campus).