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The term "black belt" refers to the basis of soil structure. Voting after the Civil War in many states required a payment of a POLL TAX to vote.That plantation was located at Centerville, Alabama. States tried to disenfranchise Blacks and other minorities often required a literacy test to avoid allowing them to vote. In North Carolina this was directed to Blacks and Native Americans specifically, but it also affected poor whites that were illiterate.Choice condition..................................................., September 10th, 1852, two pages, 8" X 13" in beautiful manuscript detailing the appraisal of the property owned by the deceased E. King deceased on his plantation in Bibb County, Alabama detailing by name each Negro slave by name and what valued by the court appointed appraisers some being... King was one of the most prominent planters in Perry County in the area known as the Alabama Black Belt.FRANK AT 0, AMY AND CHILDREN AT 0, MARIAH AT 0, TILSA AND TWO CHILDREN AT 00, LIZZY AT 0, JOSEPH AT 0, STOKES AT 0, CAROLINE AT 0, JORDAN AT 0, DOTIA AT 0, BEN AT 00, NAT AT 0, FIL AT 00, ISRAEL AT 00, NOAH AT 0, MOSES AT 00, ELIJAH AT 00, GEORGE AT 00, SARAH AND CHILD 0, JANE AT TWO CHILDREN 00, and many others, also listed are mules, sheep, furniture, plantation items, cattle, hogs, etc. This appraisal was for another of his plantation in nearby Bibb County, Alabama. Moved to New Orleans, LA, thence to Texas, and duty on the Rio Grande and at various points in Texas, until January, 1866. Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 30 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 398 Enlisted men by disease. The "Pest Hospital" was a term used for soldiers with contagious disease such as smallpox.............................................................., Town of Methuen, NC, 1884, 5" X 7" Tax Collector's statement showing real estate, personal estate taxes due with .00 printed for the poll tax. Alaline Cook did not have to pay the POLL TAX of .00., 5" X 7" pre-printed bill of sale, Charleston, SC, March 17th, 1859, HUDSON LEE BROKERS AND AUCTIONEERS sell to the trustee W. Venning for the sum of 75 the NEGRO SLAVES SOPHIA, THOMAS, and PAUL giving a full warranty against all claims and also that they were sound and healthy.

After the city prohibited public slave auctions in 1856, enclosed slave markets sprang up along Chalmers, State, and Queen Streets.At his death King gave 109 Negroes to his widow and son, 42 to one granddaughter, and 35 to another. It is interesting to note that Coretta Scott King's ancestors, the widow of Martin Luther King, originated in Perry County, Alabama. This document comes with a detailed history of the King Family, ie holdings and family history..............................., 6" X 7", G. Broadfoot details lumber he has furnished from June 1851 through January 1852. This is a very early southern poll tax related document as most seen on the market are post 1900. The CFNC was incorporated in 1811 to "work Cape Fear River from Wilmington to Fayetteville." Its purpose, especially during the 1820s and 1830s, was to "clear the [Cape Fear] river of logs and shoals" so that steamboats could pass by in the 100 miles between Fayetteville and Wilmington.Gray for the sum of 0 by George Lynes who was a minister and owned Foxbank Plantation.This large legal form has the words NEGRO SLAVE pointed in the text three different times and the heading includes BILL OF SALE OR MORTGAGE OF NEGROES.

Thus this form was specifically designed for sales/mortgages on Negro sales and not for general sales as often seen on most bills of sales.

Gray was the master of equity in Charleston and lived at 112 Beaufair St. Such noted slave sales are 20x rarer than normal Charleston Bill of sales.

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