Advantages of dating marrying a canadian

04-Mar-2015 05:56

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Once the permanent residency is obtained through the marriage, the immigrant, if he or she wishes to, can request permission to work.The Nonimmigrant K 1 Visa for a Fianc (e) has the following requirements: The bridegrooms must be single people, without legal impediments to get married.The couple must have know and seen each other for two years before requesting the visa application.The Nonimmigrant K 1 Visa for a Fianc (e) lasts for only 90 days, due to the fact that it authorizes the immigrant to access to the United States for a short period of time with a specific purpose, because during that term, the marriage should take place.There are no extensions for the term if the wedding does not happen, the visa expires and the immigrant will have to leave the country, otherwise, he or she will become an illegal.After the marriage took place, the immigrant must start his or her process to file his or her Nonimmigrant K 1 Visa for a Fianc (e) and request the conditional permanent residency, if he or she pretends to remain in the United States of America definitely.If he or she does not want to remain in the country, he or she must return to his or her country of origin before the term expires.For that, there must be enough evidence that can support the married couples relationship, such as photographs of different celebration which happened inside the marriage, like child births, acquisition of real states or houses, opening of bank accounts, tax declarations, etc.

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The sponsor bridegroom must have the economic capacity of supporting his or her fianc (e).

The Immigration Service demands the demonstration of the couples relationship through reliable evidence, such as the presentation of photographs, letters, phone bills that prove phone calls, sworn statement of the bridegrooms pointing out when they started their relationship and when they decided to get married.