Adventist singles dating websites

25-Dec-2014 03:08

As usual, Clifford Goldstein hit the nail on the head with his article, “A Self-refuting Phrase” (Feb. I cannot imagine any logical arguments against his conclusions. All they have is the same thing creationists have: a bunch of rocks and fossils.

I question only one point: He gives evolutionists the benefit of “20 percent of hard-core empirical evidence.” Really? The rest is speculative interpretation based on faulty dating methods and wishful thinking.

Yet I would urge a more comprehensive treatment of this topic--perhaps even a series.

The brevity and missing elements in the story could be misleading. I’d been searching for the right person for 29 years, and I found her on an Adventist dating site: Adventist Singles Connection, not one of those mentioned.

In spite of the footnoted disclaimer, I find this offensive.

What would be helpful is to do a real of sites with “Adventist” in their names, or who cater to Seventh-day Adventists.

Neither rocks nor fossils come with dates attached to them.

The dates are achieved because of an commitment to their theory, not because of any hard evidence that they are a particular age, or that they have evolved from lower life forms.

--Walter Sumner Canaan Maine I enjoyed reading “Must Love God: Adventists and Online Dating” (Feb. It was helpful in that it gave a sidebar with tips for navigating on-line dating sites.

(I don’t recommend the site because it is not owned by Adventists, but it’s where I found my wife.) What I find highly misleading is that Luste-Maran’s article, while have been helpful for me as a single man looking for a godly Adventist wife.

It highlights three dating sites, none of which seem to have a significant number of Adventist subscribers.

Tell us the pros and cons of each site, not just throw out three site names. I’ve wasted good money on Adventist-only sites that had a handful of subscribers.

Tell us how easy it is to screen out people with problems.

Compare the “match philosophies” of the different sites.