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25-Jan-2015 20:20

Perhaps it shows in the way they look at each other, or in the subtle ways they stay connected by touch, or in the kindnesses they show each other.However it is revealed, […] Read more Through my research, I’ve found that there are five distinct and unique ways of flirting: Playful, Physical, Polite, Sincere, and Traditional. How you flirt […] Read more Many religiously active women have great sex, debunking the myth that they’re rigid.Research suggests that there’s more to cuddling than meets the eye.Lovey-dovey’ness aside, the health benefits of cuddling will surely convince them to make time for it.We are all a combination of the five styles, but we have one or two dominant flirting styles. (I like to call that the revenge of the Church ladies!

Over time, sex tends to be overrated and overhyped as couples mature, says marriage & family therapist […] Read more You’ve probably met some of them: Couples who have been together for years—maybe even decades—and are still madly in love with each other.Reason 1: It Feels Good Cuddling […] Read more When it comes to dating, here’s one thing you can count on: Everyone is looking for a romantic relationship that sizzles.Despite being surrounded by popular notions about sex, it can be difficult to decipher healthy sexuality from dysfunction and differentiate between appropriate sexual behaviors and unrealistic expectations that can tarnish our love lives or cause us to feel inadequate.Sexuality is much more than the act of sex — it is an emotional bonding experience for […] Read more The color red is commonly acknowledged as being linked with passion and sexuality. Valentine cards, symbolizing romantic love, are often red.

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In films, from Marilyn Monroe in ‘Niagara’ to ‘The Woman in Red’, to Jessica Rabbit, iconic in her slinky red dress, beautiful women (and rabbits) wear red.[…] Read more Once the thrill is gone, is it possible to stay together?

We have shared wonderful moments, we spent nights and even weekends together…… continue reading »

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If you already understand how much you’re hurting your partner and your family – if you feel guilty and apologetic after an abusive incident, and promise yourself and your partner that you’ll change, but the abuse doesn’t stop – you’re not the only one. If you’re struggling with abuse, you know that leaving your partner isn’t easy for a lot of reasons, even though you may know you’re not in a healthy relationship.… continue reading »

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