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The TB skin test may be used to find out if you are infected with TB bacteria.You can get a skin test at the health department or at your doctor’s office.The tests measure the response of TB proteins when they are mixed with a small amount of blood.If your health department does offer the TB blood tests, only one visit is required to draw blood for the test.You may need a second skin test 8 to 10 weeks after the last time you spent time with the person with TB disease.This is because it can take several weeks after infection for your immune system to react to the TB skin test.

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TB blood tests use a blood sample to find out if you are infected with TB bacteria.Examples of these TB blood tests include Quanti FERON®-TB Gold in-Tube test (QFT-GIT) and T-Spot® .You may have swelling where the tuberculin was injected.The health care worker will measure this swelling and tell you if your reaction to the test is positive or negative.

A positive reaction usually means that you have been infected by someone with TB disease.If you have recently been infected with TB bacteria, your TB skin test reaction may not be positive yet.