Aish dating speed

06-Feb-2016 06:05

Despite the fireworks Donald Trump has created during the Republican debates, I was not filled with nostalgic images of 4th of July festivities.Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders didn't fill me with pride for being a citizen of the world's most powerful country.That's right, the sound bites rolling off the candidates' tongues reminded me of that great American invention, speed dating, which enables lucky men and women to go out on a dozen dates in a single evening. The origins of speed dating can be traced to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish Ha Torah in Los Angeles.The good rabbi devised "Speed Dating" as a way to help Jewish singles meet.I have watched all of the televised debates so far during this presidential campaigning season.None of them got me all teary-eyed with patriotic thoughts.One by one, every woman has a "date" with every man, with each date lasting about six minutes.

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In fact, Speed Dating (as a single word) is a registered trademark of Aish Ha Torah.

Alas, "speed dating" (two words) has become the generic term for similar events, so no royalty is paid to Rabbi Deyo or Aish Ha Torah.