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However, Athena steps in and deludes Ajax into killing instead the spoil of the Greek army, which includes cattle as well as the herdsman.

Suddenly Ajax comes to his senses and realizes what he has done.

The two kings, Agamemnon and Menelaos, want to leave the body unburied for scavengers to have, and Ajax’s half-brother Teucer wants to bury it.

Menelaus appears and orders the body not to be moved.

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Ajax then gives his son his shield, and leaves the house saying that he is going out to purify himself and to bury the sword given to him by Hector. Teucer has learned from the prophet, Kalchas, that Ajax should not be allowed to leave his tent until the end of the day or he will die.Tecmessa and soldiers then try to find Ajax, but they are too late. Before his suicide, Ajax calls for vengeance against the sons of Atreus (Menelaus and Agamemnon) and the whole Greek army. Teucer then arrives and orders that Ajax’s son be brought to him so that he will be safe from foes.

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