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Sharp humour via spoken character comments is a trademark of the series.The personalities of the individual mercenaries range from mildly eccentric to obviously disturbed, and their spoken lines give the games a cartoon-like quality.From Jagged Alliance 2 on, the games were developed using Direct X for native Windows operation.Jagged Alliance 2 was also released for Linux and is currently available on Steam and on for Windows.The player has to maintain a level of reputation in the Jagged Alliance games.Not all teams would work; for example, Ivan and his nephew Igor, who work well together, are hated by Steroid, the Polish bodybuilder."Buns", a Danish markswoman, hates "Fox," a medic with centerfold looks.In contrast, "Fox" loves working with "Grizzly," on whom she has something of a crush.

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The Jagged Alliance games center on strategically controlling mercenary squads, on and off the field, who complete various missions such as freeing countries from oppressive dictators.A sticky phrase describes these games as "X-COM with personality." The games feature a unique mix of turn-based battle simulation, 4X (e Xpand, e Xploit, e Xplore and e Xterminate) elements and role-playing video game.