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16-Feb-2015 23:42

Oh, and if you decide you want to undelete a post, forget it. And also, if you happen to use Disqus for your comments, comments don’t show up in Squarespace’s native domain either.(I could not for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t find a particular Disqus comment until I realized I was surfing the wrong domain.Images in a post were a breeze to add and edit, and not just images, but blocks of almost every flavor that could be added and adjusted in almost every imaginable way. Sure there were some limits (such as their editor offering no way to change your font colors) but these were limits I could deal with. That was the kind of error I’d receive when I simply wanted to delete a post. If I wanted to edit a post, instead of clicking on a simple link available on the same page like I could in Word Press, I had to go back to my Squarespace dashboard and do a KEYWORD SEARCH FOR THE SAME POST. You can’t even batch edit or delete posts, so God help you if you have a category of 100 or so posts you want to get rid of. Even more grating, if you use a custom domain, the little Squarespace widget overlayed on your site where you can make changes to your design or click to access your dashboard doesn’t show up.I was content to live in a walled garden so long as everything worked properly and made sense. And there’s no sorting or filtering option available. You’re gonna have to delete them one at a time, using keyword searches. As a result of this I was perpetually surfing between my domain and *.in clumsy and awkward fashion.

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No having to switch back and forth between HTML and WYSIWYG to get things juuuuust right like I had to do with Word Press. Things I always took for granted in Word Press but were conspicuously absent in Squarespace. The way it was designed, I couldn’t even right click on a post in my dashboard and open it up in a new tab so I could at least go back and forth between editing and then checking the changes. There was also no “edit” link on individual posts either.When I captioned a photo for example, I usually made commentary that doesn’t always describe what the photo is all about (which is part of the point of why you’d use an ALT tag instead.) And yet SS consolidates the two. If I had 5 photos I wanted to add, I couldn’t place them anywhere I pleased like I could with my Blogsy app (and even Word Press’s own subpar i OS apps.) So I’d write this post on my i Pad, and all the 5 photos would show up in an awkward column after the content, and no, I can’t even them either. Oh and that reminds me, they’ve also completely dropped all Meta Blog API support too.