Amy lee dating seether

03-Sep-2016 17:43

Duets aren't something we see enough of anymore in Rock. Brilliant guitars, drums, vocals, the whole package.

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And one of the best music videos (artistically) I believe ever done. Unfortunately for Seether those songs are typically the ones that their tried & true fans absolutely detest and suggest they have “sold out.” Well. I always thought it was one of the oddest couples (although odd couples is a post all in itself) but that odd coupling created one helluva song.You took the high road when Amy Lee (of Evanescence) put your personal relationship out there with “Call Me When You’re Sober.” Seether Guy: Yeah, I did write some songs that were complete lash backs, but those I knew were never intended to be used, they were just for me, personally.I’m not going to say that some songs don’t touch on that subject, but not in an obvious fashion.

Seether is an awesome and incredibly talented rock band that doesn't get as much praise as they should.

They teamed up with Amy Lee from Evanescence (by far and away THE best rock band EVER! This is my absolute favorite song right now and probably will be for some time. It's a shame that Moody left there band and that they are on hold right now. If you like Seether or Evanasance you won't regret picking this one up. Amy Lee and Seether make an excellent duo, and the vocals of Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan together, with incredible drums in the background, create an incredible rock sound.