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Later, in the 7th century, the Byzantines adopted a different Anno Mundi system based on the year 5509 B. In fact, modern historians use AUC much more frequently than the Romans themselves did.The dominant method of identifying Roman years in Roman times was to name the two consuls who held office that year."@Mark they did not use it in context of naming years from a short interval, close to the current time.But they used for instance, to describe years distant enough so that people do not remember the consuls.When Rome collapsed and the consular dates no longer could be used, the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire adopted at first the era Anno Mundi beginning on 25 March 5493 BC, developed by scholars in Alexandria around 200 A.D., and now known as the "Alexandrian Era." Anno Mundi ("year of the world") posits a "date of creation" going forward from Adam and Eve. From your very own link: "Renaissance editors sometimes added AUC to Roman manuscripts they published, giving the false impression that the Romans usually numbered their years using the AUC system.

Note that ancient historians sometimes used the Era of Nabonassar to do synchronisms Prior to the adoption of the Anno Domini system, the main system of naming years was to refer to them as a given regnal year of the local ruler, or of a dominant nearby ruler (eg. Specifically in Roman-dominated areas, the year was named after the two Consuls who took office that year.

In a sense, Anno Domini is simply an extension of this, counting years of the "reign" of Jesus Christ.

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