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Sometime in the 13 had 3 alphabet characters representing vowels (A, E/I, and O/U), while there were 14 characters representing syllables that begin with the consonants (B, C/K, D/R, G, H, L, M, N, NG, P, S, T, W, and Y). The basics of baybayin script as used by Tagalogs, according to Fr.De San Agustin's"Compendio Del Arte De La Lengua Tagala" (1703), outlining the 3 vowels and 14 syllabic consonant characters. During Magellan’s arrival in the Visayas in 1521, his chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, noted that the Visayans were illiterate.Contrary to Morga’s statement, however, American historian William Henry Scott found records in which even lordly BILINGUAL EDUCATION. Tagalog baybayin words occupy the upper left page while below it is the "Hail Mary" prayer in Spanish followed by its Tagalog translation, both in the Latin alphabet.

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Currently, the Filipino alphabet has 28 letters: , then 400 years of using the Latin alphabet, and with many regional languages influencing the way Filipinos write.

In that period, questions were raised about the validity of Tagalog as basis of the national language, as majority of Filipinos spoke other native Philippine languages, causing a debate in the definition of the national language.

The 1973 Constitution issued a new definition of the national language, renaming it as Filipino and stating that it is a language in the process of development.

Based on this definition, a revision of the Filipino alphabet was needed, as was a Tagalog alphabet.

On National Language Month, Rappler traces the development of the Filipino alphabet.Pre-colonial to early colonial period: Early in the pre-colonial period, the ancient peoples of the Philippines did not have any writing system, and so they relied on oral tradition in recording folklore and folk history.

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