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21-Jun-2016 22:42

That’s a truncated for-the-headline version of what Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in his April 17 taped interview with media.

That, however, was unnoticed because he was mainly explaining what led him to crack his sick, necrophiliac joke regarding the August 1989 Davao hostage crisis.

The statement could be interpreted to mean that with money coming in, he now has enough funds for his presidential bid.

Duterte’s verbatim quote: “I can lose the elections today.

Hindi na lang ako maka-atras, kasi marami na ang nagbigay (ng pera) sa akin ngayon nung tumaas na ang rating ko.

Kaya kung tumagal pa ang rating ko tumaas [unintelligible]magbibigay pa sila ng pera.” (I can’t withdraw at this point, because many have given me (money or campaign contributions) since my preference ratings started rising.

So, if my rating continues to go up (unintelligible) they will give me (more) money.” You can check for yourself that he, indeed, said this in his April 17 interview posted on ( Right after he said those revealing words, he rested his palm on his face – his typical gesture when he realizes he has said too much.

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The rest I’ve spent for the campaign, and I don’t have receipts and, really, to hell with you if you ever demand an audit! The most plausible explanation, though, is that in the first place, Duterte joined the presidential race for the money.Reluctant candidate Remember that even as these irresponsible Davao businessmen were egging him on for months to run for the presidency, Duterte hewed and hawed to the point he actually didn’t file his candidacy on October 15, the deadline for presidential aspirants.