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Coastal Carolina head football coach Joe Moglia was determined to make sure every one of his players exercises the right to vote.So he rented a bus, rallied more than 100 players and took a Tuesday morning field trip to the voting booths in Conway, South Carolina.Generally speaking, raising the camera above eye-level so that it's pointing down at your face is more attractive than positioning it lower than eye-level.This is especially true with the front facing camera on your i Phone because it's a small lens with lots of distortion.Whatever is closest to the lens is going to look bigger.North Carolina is a key swing state in the presidential election.

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The Raiders, now at 7-2, and fresh off beating the Broncos in primetime, have the second-best record in the AFC.The combination of a dominant offensive line, great quarterback play and an assortment of weapons have given the Raiders one of the most explosive offenses in football, while the defense is beginning to take shape.