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Volunteer attorneys and advocates joined with her and distributed questionnaires to women in two Michigan prisons. Critics contend that while the Parole Board's function should be to assess whether a person poses a danger to society, it has, in fact, become a re-sentencing court. Maguigan argues that the requirement that the threat to a defendant be imminent before she act in self-defense is not so limited that it prevent consideration of the woman's circumstances. Bonding With Abusive Dating Partners: Dynamics of Stockholm Syndrome. After that, any legal mail will be specially routed to the housing unit where it will be opened and inspected for contraband in the prisoner's presence. They had become worried about their daughter and were searching for her. Detroit, MI Shot to death, with a shotgun and a pistol, along with two of her friends, Mindee Kalka and Aleisha Belcher, on March 23, 1997. Grand Rapids, MI Died June 12, 1997 from a blow to the head. Chesterfield Township, MI Shot in the head December 30, 1996, by her boyfriend Gregory Davis, age 33.Their aim was to identify women inmates who were convicted of murder and for whom the battered woman syndrome was an explanatory defense, but for whom that evidence was either not raised, raised inadequately, or rejected by the judge. 63 This re-sentencing function is especially dangerous since prisoners do not have a right to counsel or to dispute inaccurate information at their hearing. Rather, a jury can and will consider the imminence requirement fulfilled when, for example, a woman kills her batterer with an honest and reasonable belief that the moment he wakes up he will kill her, and if she waits she will be powerless to defend herself. Attorneys should clearly mark on the exterior of the envelope: "LEGAL MAIL-CONFIDENTIAL." An attorney may send one stamped, self-addressed envelope to a client 135. Prisoner Files •: Contains any document that affects a prisoner's incarceration. She was engaged to another postal worker at the time of her murder. At first thought to be the result of gang violence, it was later learned that Lorenzo Shelton III, age 18, boyfriend of Mindee, had committed the crime. Her boyfriend, Andrew Cummings age 34, thought Helen was hiding his beer. She never regained consciousness and died eight days later.