Apt cyg error updating setup ini Listen in on adult chats

08-Jan-2015 07:44

I don't use cygwin-ports, so I'm not familiar with the project.

Someone who uses cygwin-ports should submit a new apt-cyg PR that works for both mainline cygwin and cygwin-ports. Wheeler, who originally was involved in the sha512 switch discussion on the Cygwin mailing list, has proposed on the cygwin-ports mailing list that cygwin-ports also move to sha512.

404 Not Found 2013-08-08 xx:xx:xx ERROR 404: Not Found.

]$ apt-cyg install wget Installing wget md5sum: standard input: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found wget is not installed, using lynx as fallback md5sum: standard input: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found [[email protected] (/home/Jeff/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/NVIDIA Corporation/Phys X/Common:/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32:/cygdrive/c/Windows:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/Windows Power Shell/v1.0:/sbin) [[email protected] I don't get the: md5sum: standard input: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found instead I get this(although I'm trying a different package since wget is already installed on this system): $ apt-cyg install rtorrent Working directory is /setup Mirror is --2015-03-24 -- Resolving mirrors.(mirrors.kernel.org)... Connecting to mirrors.(mirrors.kernel.org)|1.36|:80... At home I reverted to 0.58 apt-cyg but didn't have time to test. @ tree sdesc: "Display graphical directory tree" ldesc: "Display an indented directory tree, using the same color assignments as ls, via the LS_COLORS environment variable." category: Utils requires: cygwin version: 1.7.0-1 install: x86_64/release/tree/tree-1.7.0-1xz 46456 3c777e777b2ccf9c5ad7b61798153014bcd05b097fbca384390bdfce5a71f0a46ce3cf151eb7a7ee2b3960e3959436ddbf1c53f7c3ed64a770e65363bc062a95 source: x86_64/release/tree/tree-1.7.0-1xz 116576 3f74348bfec6734a1a2cb1880ed950f3a80ff714c25f4d41d0a9d37f4ee9946faaad36ad7c2f77b0a46478551e26f75b119002c942caf0b2258f1ddf368d5b48 [[email protected] tree]$ sha512tree-1.7.0-1xz 3c777e777b2ccf9c5ad7b61798153014bcd05b097fbca384390bdfce5a71f0a46ce3cf151eb7a7ee2b3960e3959436ddbf1c53f7c3ed64a770e65363bc062a95 *tree-1.7.0-1xz If you change line 320 (apt-cyg 0.59) from md5sum to sha512sum it works for me (see below).

actually, the error msg tells you that it can not find the file, yes, the setup file changed the location. If that fails, the first thing I'd try is to pick a different mirror. See, for instance: you get the error message Unable to get from check the URL you added and add it again if necessary.

MD5 sum did not match, exiting [email protected] ~ $ Dan, I get the same error on a different (work) machine. I could swear almost 100% that this particular installation was working previously.

200 OK Length: 1269710 (1.2M) [application/octet-stream] Saving to: ‘setup.bz2’ setup.bz2 100%[=====================] 1.21M 1.65MB/s in 0.7s 2015-03-24 (1.65 MB/s) - ‘setup.bz2’ saved [1269710/1269710] Updated Installing rtorrent Found package rtorrent File ‘rtorrent-0.9.4-1xz’ already there; not retrieving.

Besides that, it's arguable that cygwin-ports should move to sha512.

failed: hostname nor servname provided, or not known.

$ apt-cyg find vim Working directory is /setup Mirror is --2013-08-08 xx:xx:xx-- Resolving ftp.jp (ftp.jp)... Connecting to ftp.jp (ftp.jp)||:80...

404 Not Found 2013-08-08 xx:xx:xx-- ERROR 404: Not Found. Connecting to ftp.jp (ftp.jp)||:80...

Per this mailing list message it appears they intended to change this because md5 is broken: https://sourceware.org/ml/cygwin/2015-03/msg00119[[email protected] ~]$ ./apt-cyg install tree Installing tree File ‘tree-1.7.0-1xz’ already there; not retrieving. Package tree requires the following packages, installing: cygwin Package cygwin is already installed, skipping Edit: Here is a link to a search for sha512 on the Cygwin mailing list, you can find various discussion about the switch to sha512: https://sourceware.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi?

wm=wrd&form=extended&m=all&s=D&q=sha512&ul=%2Fml%2Fcygwin%2F%25 Yes, looks like my PR #38 only addressed the main cygwin change to sha512, but not cygwin-ports' continued use of md5.