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So, earlier this week, Ted Casablanca signed off from E! That is a really long time to be writing a gossip column. Over the past three weeks he has not really been there and after that long away, the move was not unexpected. It didn't turn out well, and I don't think ted did anything on purpose.

I think Ted deserves a lot of credit for the blind item. He made every column his own with that crazy language of his that only a Variety subscriber can truly appreciate. The rumor is that Ted was suspended while the bosses decided what to do.

Hudson, who is not gay, felt it was imperative that he confront an aspect of sports that no athlete should be proud of: sports marginalize LGBT athletes, coaches and others through systemic homophobia and transphobia.

He decided to take action as a straight ally to change athletic culture for the better.

I think they chose what he did as an excuse to get rid of him and his salary and find someone they like more.

30 robberies all caught on video and all the robberies were during the day surrounded by lots of other people.

As an athlete in high school and college, Hudson Taylor often observed the use of homophobic language and demeaning humor, especially in sports.

Soon after enrolling at the University of Maryland, he befriended LGBT students in his theatre classes and became increasingly aware of the pain caused by homophobic behavior.

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Just one intersection over the course of a day or two.

The organization's programming includes a curriculum for student-athletes, including an NCAA guide, an ambassador program for youth, collegiate, professional and international athletes, who work to foster “allyship” in their athletic environments, workshops and resources for leadership and inclusion trainings for youth, pro and international sports participants and social mobilization campaigns, including the Principle 6 Campaign launched during the Sochi Olympics.