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The fact is that when I looked at Katya front, then saw from the middle of her thighs squeezed went up two lines that differed in side angle. The smoothness of this angle before the crotch broken labia, who descended from the pubic area and spreads her thighs. So, this rear clearance looked like a wide dark pink stripe with rollers thick lips around the edges.

At the lowest point there could easily stick in hand, turn edge. At this point, big lips curved, extending this same gap even more. Furthermore, they only cover part of the entrance twin folds.

We got in each other their heads – none of us could be the exact opposite of her crotch. And so, what was the expression of our birth, we can only guess, the more she saw only two rugs faces that coalesced ears.

But Katya was already felt our hot breath and bent her head lower.

No, certainly bolsters the labia minora walked up to the clitoris, but they were almost invisible.

By the way, we have not seen the clitoris, it was closed wet gauze hanging out of the vagina. While we studied her crotch, Kate rummaged in the bag, finding the unfortunate bubble.

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For this wonderful moment (hardly more) our noses almost ran into her protruding ass. Suddenly, he felt that his ears rang like a thousand bells and eggs though were heated to 1000 degrees.