Asian men online dating success what is the best on line dating

21-Aug-2015 16:09

Yes, I am attracted to Asian men but there is almost no chance of meeting one in person where I live so I sort of crossed it off thinking I would have no chance.

Sure, I may be biased on the subject because online dating sites have been the only way I have been able to meet Asian men so I believe it’s worth discussing.

To find Liang (yes, my Chinese boyfriend whom I’ve been with for over two years now), I didn’t check out FREE sites like the often mentioned OKCupid or POF (Plenty Of Fish).

I’ve done so in the past with disastrous results and never saw any Asian guys on free sites who lived in my area (I’ve done the long distance thing before and I’m tired of it).

What I am going to mention may be bad reputation for these sites but I have to say it to get my point across: These types of sites mostly attract people to hook up for quick sex, not a stable relationship.

Yes, we’ve all seen the silly TV ads and laugh all you want but for me, this was the best way to meet Asian men!

I’ve never been on any of those sites where it’s girls looking for their CPop, KPop, JPop idol lookalike and yes, that is a scary thought.

And no, preferring to date someone of a particular race isn't in itself racist.

I will take a break from my travel stories this time and focus on a recently written post by JT Tran over at AMWW Magazine: Why Online Dating Is Racist and Unfair to Asian Men.

You want the girl to be interested in the guy for who he .

Frankly, when I went on e Harmony, I didn’t even know I was looking for an Asian guy.

Note: I said which means generally, which means not in all cases.In fact, the only site on which I received matches from Asian men was a PAID site: e (it’s the Canadian site – the US site is: e

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