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06-Mar-2016 13:30

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All it takes is one lucky encounter with the right person.We are crazy about each other right now and want to spend every moment together.To make a long story short, two years and 3 months later, we got married!We wish Click2asia continued success and we will always be happy to tell our friends how we met online! -- Trista and Douglas - Burbank, CA We would both like to thank all of the wonderful people at Click2Asia, especially Pierre Wuu, for all their hard work setting up these types of events for people to meet.

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Annie and I have been dating for a year and half and we are getting married next year!

I will encourage my single friends to join and participate.

In March 2010 Oliver made a programme for Channel 4's T4 called "Miquita's Oliver". The finished product was performed at the Hackney Empire to surprising critical acclaim.… continue reading »

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And I am it: I’m chosen, I’m unique, I’m indispensable, I’m irreplaceable, I’m the one. “People with the privilege to think about this stuff and talk about this stuff are opening up their relationships, or talking about non-monogamy, talking about polyamory. I think that the door, the sort of gateway drug to sex therapy, is a desire to not be punished for having attractions to other people.”Along with others Sohn describes as the “renegades of couples therapy” in her NYT article — a “sex-forward” group that includes “Suzanne Lasenza, Margie Nichols, Jean Malpas, Marty Klein, Joe Kort, Arlene Lev, Marta Meana and Tammy Nelson”— Perel and Sennott are helping couples rethink societally imposed sexual mores, gender identity, sexual ethics, turn-ons and kinkiness, gender roles, and long-held notions that can stifle fulfilling sexual expression and connectivity in couples of every kind.… continue reading »

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