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21-Feb-2016 19:36

As long as neither of you have any pressing engagements, there’s no reason to try to rush.

Instead you should just keep hanging out with her and take her on what we call an “Insta–date”.

If you wait too long to ask for girls number it can get awkward when you finally get around to it.

For instance, if there is a girl that you’ve seen around a bit and you’ve chatted with her a few times you might fall into the trap of telling yourself “oh, I’ll just ask for her number next time I see her”.

Then, this drags out and by the time that you finally ask her she’s already mentally categorize you as a guy who nervously flirts with her and who she is not interested in dating.

Generally speaking, women can tell when you are attracted to them and if they think you are into them but too scared to make a move that’s going to be a big turnoff.

So as a rule you should ask for her number the first time you meet her so she’ll know right off that you are interested and have the guts to go for it.

Just as you don’t want to wait too long to ask a girl for her number, it is also important to take a couple of minutes to chat with her before attempting to get the digits.

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” She won’t have a good idea of who you are yet, and she won’t really have any reason to give it to you.Getting a woman’s phone number is an important step towards dating and/or intimacy.It is also something that many guys fumble with because they realize that it’s a make it or break it situation.Take her for a test drive, see how you like her then get the number if you think you want more later.

After all, if you goof up and she won’t give you her number, then it is going to be pretty tough to get together with her later on.So in today’s article I’ll be looking at five common mistakes guys make when they ask for a girl’s number, and how to avoid them.

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