Aspie dating an aspie sex dating in cecil oregon

15-Nov-2014 09:03

Does this mean that no AS ever had a sexual affair? Loyalty is really an under-acknowledged virtue and good reason to love an Aspie.

No, but by and large, having to deal with people, especially intimately, takes a lot of work for an AS. If an AS falls in love with you, they will remain as steadfast and true as any canine companion (no insult intended).

Say “I want you to tell me you love me at least three times every day. Refinements, of course, are necessary, but would make up a much larger post.

I’ll get to writing another specific post on this topic of lying and truth telling. The readers are very helpful in teasing out the nuance. Juggling two is just ridiculous, from an AS point of view.

I’ve had the good fortune of being in contact with a number of people over the past month who are in intimate relationships with a person with Aspergers Syndrome (AS), a mild form of autism, or themselves have AS.

I’ve taken a passionate interest in the subject of Love, Relationships and AS-NT bonds.

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We like the truth if it is good news or flattering. If you don’t want to hear the truth, the blunt truth, don’t ask them.

In some ways it is like your dentist wondering if you’ll be sneaking off getting an optional root canal with another dentist. They can be enormously forgiving and generous in spirit.

Okay, so many people right off are going to say any “Reason to Love an Aspie” are generalizations and these aren’t true of everybody with Aspergers Syndrome.

They say, (and with good reason,) “If you’ve met one person with Aspergers, you’ve met one person with Aspergers.” But there are generalizations you can make about why to love an Aspie, and like all generalizations, of course they won’t hold true for everybody.

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We’re less sure if we’re confronted with things that challenge our notion of self or our own goodness. If a possible answer is going to send you storming out, angry at them for saying whatever comes next, ask someone else. So one good reason to love an aspie is that if they tell you something when you ask them, they mean it.

An AS is going to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and will do it without malice, without sly intentions. And sometimes AS’s don’t understand that NT’s like to hear some truths over and over like “I love you.” Just tell them. Your AS will probably have no idea why it is necessary, but if it makes you happy, fine. This is a hotly debated topic in the comments section.

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