Atmos clock serial number dating

07-Nov-2014 18:28

Are you looking only at the grandfather clocks dial or face, or are you also examining the back of the grandfather clock movement.

These are the best two places to begin your search.

High end jewelry store and timepiece retailers like J E Caldwell, Cartier, Bailey Biddle Banks, and Black Starr Frost have also followed this convention for many of the timepieces they have sold, both clocks and watches, including wristwatches and pocket watches, and of course grandfather clocks.

Posted October 18, 2012 Are you trying to identify the age of you antique grandfather clock.

Do you have the serial number for one of your Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and want to know the year it was made?

Many grandfather clocks will have a mechanical grandfather clock movement made by one company and mark as such of the grandfather clock movement, such as a movement made by Hermle Clocks or Urgos or Kieninger Clocks, while the clock may have been made by another company that purchased their movements, such as Howard Miller Clocks or Ridgeway Clocks.

The movement suppliers to many brands changed over many tears.

Additionally, one may find the name of the Retailer on the Grandfather Clock dial, which does not necessarily tell you anything about who made the clock case or movement.

Tiffany and Company, as an example, sold grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches that were made to order by Tiffany for Tiffany, frequently in small lots, with little if any made by Tiffany.

Chelsea Clocks, Japy Freres, and Jaeger Lecoutre are 3 of a hundreds of clock makers who made and supplied clocks with the Tiffany name on the dial.

This was also true of pocket watches and wristwatches, and suppliers included Jaeger Lecoutre, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Movado, Tissot and hundreds of others timepiece makers.

Same situation with a Ridgeway Grandfather or Floor Clock or one of the Hermle Grandfather Clocks or a Kieninger Grandfather Clock or Grandmother Clock?What if you see no markings on your grandfather clock.