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I came back from the canteen and she was still out there with her kid. She asked me,” Have you come on a tour with your family.” I replied, “No, I and my friends have come on a trekking trip”. , I am Ravi.” She told,”I am Priya, and this is my son Rahul.” I waved a hi to the kid. We finally reached the restaurant and me and my friends sat on one side of a table and Priya aunty and her friends sat on the other side. On the way me and Priya aunty were silent until she decided to ask me, “were you staring at what I think you were staring at? She called her friends out and said, “this is my friend Anitha and her husband Pradeep and their two kids”. Then one of my friends asked them to join us in dinner to which they agreed. It was 8pm when me and my friends knocked on their room door.

This is Ravi Teja, an engineering student of the age 20, with a height of 6ft.

This has made me feel more attracted towards elder ladies. I hope you guys loved my first story about how I got to fuck my hot and sexy Geetha aunty. When I had a semester end break for a month I and my friends had planned to go on a trekking trip.

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And most of the times its with aunties and not young girls. We reached Ooty on the evening of the day before trekking.

When I got out of our room I saw a beautiful lady playing with her kid outside their room.