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27-Nov-2014 01:23

Treading a slightly more traditional line, why not try sipping on cocktails, sure to smooth out any first date jitters?

Even better, try taking to the cocktail shaker yourself and learn to mix your very own love potion.

The order day, month, year is used by people in most of the world (except USA), but usually with slashes, not hyphens.

To avoid confusion, I only separate YYYY-MM-DD with hyphens.

If you're likely to get distracted by your first date's dashing good looks, why not dine in the dark?

We're not sure what's more satisfying, meeting the man or woman of your dreams or getting to walk away from so-not-the-one in just shy of four minutes!

Any other date format I will separate with slashes.

Or if the source-format always is "Y-m-d" (yyyy-mm-dd), then just use Date Time: The most voted answer is actually incorrect!PHP strtotime Manual ( states that "The function expects to be given a string containing an English date format".

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