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In July 1969, WKOX-FM converted to stereo broadcasting.DJs on WKOX-FM included Bill Thomas, Brother Bill Heizer, FM Douglas, (Program Director) Dick Stevens, John Leisher, Alan Fraser, J.William Charles, with Kenny Mc Kay and Jimmy Conlee.WKOX AM and FM were acquired by Fairbanks Communications in July 1971.The station offers a classic hits format, concentrating on the rock and roll hits of the 1970s and 1980s, with an occasional song dating back to the 1960s or 1990s. Its signal transmits from the Prudential Tower and reaches as far north as southern New Hampshire and as far south as Providence, Rhode Island.WROR's roots go back to WKOX-FM, the FM sister station of WKOX, then on 1190 AM (now WXKS on 1200).After the sale, WKOX-FM became WVBF (also known as the Electronic Mama), as a top 40/rock station, initially retaining some of the WKOX-FM DJs.

WKOX-FM was the Boston area's first FM Top 40 station featuring live disc jockeys, as opposed to some stations that played automated music.WVBF also had many different nicknames in that era, including WVBF FM 105, WVBF Stereo 105, F105 WVBF and The New WVBF Boston 105.Fairbanks (who himself had a station named after himself, WRMF in West Palm Beach, Florida). Some of the DJs that were added to WVBF during their early months included Buddy Ballou, John "Big John" Gillis, Bill "BLF Bash" Freeman and Charlie Kendall.During Fairbanks ownership in the 1970s, WVBF evolved from being a high energy Top 40/AOR hybrid station in 1971/1972, to becoming a full blown top 40 station by 1975, and eventually evolved into a hot adult contemporary format over the years.

WROR-FM is a radio station licensed to Framingham, Massachusetts, serving the greater Boston region.WROR-FM is owned by Beasley Broadcast Group and broadcasts on 105.7 MHz.