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Eerily similar to what theoretical physicists have called "Time Crystals", this unknown crystalline material was able to generate tiny but unlimited levels of energy simply by siphoning energy from the passage of time itself.

resulting in a humble but incredibly efficient means of producing light.To date, a functioning precursor "Time Crystal" has not been located.Desmond Miles, the source of the Sample 17 strand, for purposes that shall remain classified.It is also known that, due to the nature of these "quantum probability measurements," that such machines would have been exceedingly difficult to use, and that many hundreds of thousands of trials would have been needed to "peek" such great distances into the future.

Little is known about the function of these blood vials, though dozens have been found since Abstergo took an interest in their recovery at some point in the late 1980s.

To date, only three have been found with their original contents intact, and of these, only one contained a confirmed sample of precursor DNA.