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Otherwise, you're only a stone's throw from downtown Miami, so you can find a job with one of Miami's great businesses and live in The Grove.Most residents of Coconut Grove drive on the congested South Florida freeway/road system to get around the area.The oldest site is perhaps the remains of the original colony near Preacher's Cave, although supposedly what little remains of this settlement has been buried by sand dunes.Here are some interesting facts about this area: If you're looking for employment in Coconut Grove, your best bets are in the hospitality and retail fields.Coconut Grove's many stores and restaurants are in need of a steady supply of help.

However, The Grove is served by three stops on the Metrorail, connecting the area to downtown Miami.

Major airlines serve the nearby Miami International Airport.

The Grove's main boundaries are marked by US 1 on the northwest and Biscayne Bay on the east.

It's bounded to the north by the Rickenbacker Causeway and Le June Road (SW 42nd Avenue) on the south.

The Grove is a center for the arts in Miami and boasts a vibrant nightlife.The Grove has a unique place in South Florida's history and culture.

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