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People use them to communicate, banter and sometimes to flirt. I know you guys like to always make the first move when it comes to sex but you gotta chill in the initial stages. If you’re not sure of that, tell her a family joke. She would understand and then you’ll watch her want you to chat longer with you.5.

However, this is not so easy with some people and I am going to offer some tips for such people based on my experience and what my girls and I talk about.1. You don’t want to scare the babe away as it was in my case. Maybe about your younger one or funny stuff your siblings do. But don’t insult your family or she might feel you would do the same about her to someone else.3. The Phone Is Not Your Wingman I know guys who are such heartstoppers behind their phones but when you meet them face to face, they have no liver.

If you guys are pinging and chatting coolly and you drop a sex bomb, she might freak out. The best way is to make your moves when you finally meet her in person. The reason why you’re flirting with your pings is for it to lead somewhere.

We girls always think that once you mention sex in your pings, you are masturbating at the same time. You don’t want the babe to think you’re intimidated by her. The problem with most guys is when they meet in real life, they want to jump right into sex. At Least, Ping in English There are so many instant messages abbreviations like lol! And somehow, those of us who know them think everyone else does.

If you put too many abbreviations in your pings, she might not get what you mean. Use your abbreviations only where and when she would understand them better. Don’t even dare to send broadcast message to her alone; stick to the reason why you’re there in her contact list. Keep it light and simple and go after the girl you fancy.

We started catching feelings and then exchanged BBM pins and he promised to ping me later. I think I even made up a little so that I could take a selfie and put on my DP as a current pic. Start with small doses and see if she catches on because some of us babes are so hard to please. Plus, girls like when a guy leaves them wanting more. Little Is Much Just like you keep your pings short, keep the number of times you ping her short too. You can even take a two-day break and return on the third day.

So here’s the thing about quick messages and chats. The best way to go about it if she doesn’t like you teasing, is to tell her something about your day, what you saw in a bus, what your lecturer did in class. My girlfriend had to delete a guy because he just wouldn’t leave her alone. When she asks where you have been, tell her you didn’t want to be this weird stalker, plus you were busy with school work and stuff.

The other day, I was chatting with this guy I met up online that I really liked.

Dude was cute and all and so far we had only said hi, hello and stuff like that.

Just don’t do it very early in the morning or too late at night.

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