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27-Nov-2014 01:00

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This particular side of sex chat has always been of most importance to me.

The phone system is such you can 'log on' and 'log off' when it suits as the working hours are any time you like, 24/7. As for setting up your own chat line from home that's a pretty straightforward thing to do and, just as the two girls did in the film, you can make big bucks this way.

I myself made £7k per month and that was me just working alone. It really tested my skills as an actress because at the end of the day that's what you are; an actress helping the caller act out his or her fantasy.

Some men just can't talk to a therapist about abuse they suffered when they were children.

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It's an absolute must-see comedy and will without a doubt broaden every woman's sexual horizons.

If you ever wanted to know what happens on a chat line this film, without question, reveals all.