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Various Mama-sans come in with a line of girls and the guys pick a girl as their companion.

If they don't like the girls in the first batch then another batch come in.

Lot's of drinking and drinking games usually over dice.

Once I was vertical again, I finally looked at my attacker-slash-savior, and my eyes got big at the same time his did. Heat rushed to my cheeks as I looked away, and took a step further down the street. I’m just gonna—” “You’re the birthday girl from last night, right? My eyes focused instead on the ,” I said, finally pulling my gaze in his direction. “You should watch where you’re going.” That was my way of erecting a wall. And there was also the little fact he really should watch where he was going. a little voice warned in the back of my head, and I sighed, knowing I was about to do “it” anyway. It was time to get away – far away – from the cute boy.

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Before I could touch them, they’d already been scooped up, and strong arms were under my elbows, pulling me to my feet. ” I brushed my locs out of my face, taking my sunglasses with them. “I could take it for you,” I heard myself say out loud before my brain even seemed to catch up. I’m heading to the post office anyway, so…” “You’re serious? His eyes glittered with mischief as he pulled his lip between his teeth. “Come find me anytime, Pretty.” “My name isn’t—” I started, but the flash of triumph in his eyes made me pause and shake my head. I’ll make sure to get this in the mail for you.” I didn’t respond to the “thank you” he tossed at me as I walked away.

My tote was on the ground beside me, packages spilling out of it, and I shook my head as I gingerly moved to slide them back into the bag. Guilt pricked my chest as I tried to take another step. You probably don’t want some random stranger handling your mail, so—” “No, that would help me out , and I wished I’d walked away about five minutes ago. ” “I’m sure.” I raised an eyebrow at him, then gingerly took the envelope from his hands, sliding it into the bag with my packages. If the Feds come for me, I know where to find you,” I warned, gesturing toward the door of the bar.

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