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The Howling Commandos acted as a tactical team for a Strategic Scientific Reserve team led by Jack Thompson that included Peggy Carter.

Thompson tried to cross the Soviet border from Poland, but Dum Dum Dugan, knowing the terrain much better than him, proposed to head to Lithuania and cross the border through the city of Ashmyany in Belarus.

The films, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs served a double purpose, as they showed the behavior a woman should show to not raise any suspicions, and also, through subliminal messages embedded in the movies, they brainwashed the girls.

One day, Underwood and Anya had to fight each other as part of their training under the watch of her instructor.

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Every morning, one of her instructors entered the room and opened the handcuffs that tied each girl to her bed.Though it looked like an even match at first, Underwood managed to overpower Anya and grabbed her by the neck.With a gesture, her instructor ordered Underwood to kill her friend, and she subsequently broke her neck.One of those mornings, Underwood shared a piece of bread she managed to hide with one of her friends, Anya.

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The girls were taken to a room modeled after a typical American classroom, where the girls were indoctrinated and brainwashed through films they were forced to watch and learn by heart.Dugan showed Thompson a pair of trucks they would use to travel through Lithuania and Belarus, and boarded one of them with Carter to talk to her friend while crossing the countries.

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