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04-Aug-2015 17:25

If this newspaper were in charge of Belize today, we would take 20,000 Haitian refugees and put them to live and farm on our western border.This will never happen, although only Belize and Guyana in CARICOM have land available to accept any refugees.In 75 years or so, Belize will be a part of Guatemala. If you cant, you will just have to take it or leave it.In fact, most of those Belizeans who got the sense have already left.The PUP was taken over by non-black elements in 1956, and the UDP followed, likewise, in 1983.Black people still make a lot of noise in Belize, but the noise is only loud: it says nothing.Those who remain are those who are too young or too old to leave, or those of us who will fight or just dont give a damn.There are only two political parties in Belize that matter.

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Amandala: Editorial Belizes dirty little secret Belize has a dirty, dirty little secret. Oh sure, we in Belize have known about this prejudice for a long time, but in the region our friends dont know about us.Our friends dont know our dirty little secret, that we accept gay ships but we throw stowaway boys back on the ship that brought them, when these little boys are black.