Beluga pod not updating

08-Jan-2015 02:50

As first covered yesterday by blogger Louis Gray, Beluga is a service with a good pedigree.The three people behind it, Lucy Zhang, Ben Davenport, and Jon Perlow, are all Xooglers (ex-Googlers).What they’ve built is a simple, elegant, and fast group messaging service.The key may be that it works across several different platforms: i Phone, Android, mobile web, regular web, and text message.Group messaging has been something that has been pretty hot for a while now.

But despite the hotness, I’ve yet to find one of these apps that really hooks me.

But a new entry in the space, Beluga, may just be my elusive white whale.

But whereas most group messaging apps seem to focus on the lowest common denominator, SMS, Beluga puts the focus on the native i Phone and Android apps. And across all the platforms, they’ve able to keep the experience consistent.

“Our initial motivation was wanting to eliminate the pain of coordinating plans among groups of people on the move.

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What strikes me is how Beluga seems to fullfil the promise of what Facebook Messages is supposed to be.Again, quick messages in real-time across platforms.